Training the Prophetic Intercessor

The Evolution of Prophetic IntercessorsPart of the evolution of the Prophetic Intercessor is their understanding of their kingship and priesthood. Jesus made us kings and priests forever (Revelations 1:6). We understand this priesthood is after the order of Melchizedek (Hewbrews 7:17). This superior line of priesthood outweighs the Aaronic and Levitical priesthood that we see … Continue reading Training the Prophetic Intercessor



One of the hardest things to do when you are really called of God is to believe. Belief is hard. Matter of fact it gets harder when you get older. The thing that is very difficult is really believing in what God has called you to be. For some, it feels like you have to … Continue reading Believe

Managing Emotional Contagion

Becoming more progressive as Christians is imperative. That is not to imply that every Christian isn't but for the most part, we do have some work to do.   When Christian leaders do not manage their emotions well, they will quickly become frustrated, burnt-out, angry, disappointed, and the like. Progressive thought processes begin when we as … Continue reading Managing Emotional Contagion


The Leadership Reality I had this really cool idea, instead of having a weight and healthy transformation blog, I am going to have a leadership transformation blog. This is me before my transformation and walk you through every step of the way of my transformation into a respectable leader. Even though my leadership style is … Continue reading THE LEADERSHIP REALITY

The Prophetic Intercessor

Joel 2:28 Speaks very boldly of God pouring out his spirit upon all Flesh. This scripture denotes that this is without discrimination, without favoritism, and without qualification. Paul speaksĀ of us desiring to prophesy as something that should be desirable and commended for wanting. We live in an age where the supernatural is breaking into our … Continue reading The Prophetic Intercessor