This is Me!

Thank you for visiting my blog. This blog was designed to be a way to discuss some insights into the word of God as well as prophetic interpretations on what is going on in the world we live in today. A little about me:

I am married to the love of my life Samaria Greene.

She is Ms. Amazing herself. I wouldn’t have started this blog if it wasn’t for her and her support. We travel the world together and minister the Word of God.

We plan on doing this for a very long time, and changing the world together.

We serve on the leadership team at New Life Covenant Church under Bishop Randall Furlow. And we are also apart of the prophetic team of the ministry.
On my spare time I am an avid book reader. I think I will put it up in my blog at some point some really good books on intercession, the prophetic, and the supernatural.

Basketball is a stress reliever especially when I ask God to help me make some baskets to win the game.

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows of all time.

I have a little pup named Kodak that I love to pieces as long as he is not eating my socks.

I have lived this journey of prophetic intercession for almost more than half of my life. Its been about 16-17 yrs that I have pursued a strong understanding of the prophetic and intercession. All i can say is that it has been one of the best journeys that I could of ever asked for.

I pray that as I continue to write what I am convicted that the Lord is telling me, that it will help my readers and viewers to find their way. To know how to navigate through their own journey. At the end of the day I am doing this to bring maximum impact to the people that will come across my ministry.

My prayer for you:

I pray that God will richly bless you and open your eyes and that your understanding will be enlightened to the hope and calling in Christ Jesus that he has for you. That you will be open to revelation that will aide you in your journey. That you will be equipped to perfection of the calling of God and the gifts that he has bestowed upon you. I pray that their will be a transference of mindsets. That as I give what God has released, that the mind that was in Christ Jesus would be planted into ever region of your mind. I pray this in Jesus’ name…. AMEN!

Thanks again for visiting, enjoy!