God Is Getting Rid Of All The Gulls In Your Life!

The destruction of spiritual thieves!

And as he sowed, some seeds fell along the path, and the birds came and devoured them! Matthew 13:4

Seagulls are vicious sea birds that take territory in the sea, on beaches and parking lots, and they bully smaller birds while flying in the air.

They’ll ruin your picnic by stealing your sandwiches, they’ll traumatize your kid at the beach by stealing their cookies right out of their hand, and they will attack gang up on you if so look in another direction while having food laying beside you!

And worst of all, if they do not steal other people’s food violently, they will begin to eat each other. They are cannibals and they will eat their own offspring and other seagulls who are in their clan.

Needless to say they are like flying zombies!

I was praying on my way to work one morning and as I was praying I felt the prompting of the Lord to look up at the highway light posts.

And on top of the light posts stood a hawk watching over the highway. Didn’t pay it too much attention until I passed another one standing on top of another highway light post a few meters down watching over the highway.

At first this wasn’t interesting until I remembered that seagulls were once standing on those same light post on the highway a few weeks ago. And that’s when the Lord began to reveal what was going on spiritually!

He is removing and destroying all of the spiritual thieves through the power of warring prophetic watchmen and women!

Hawks are natural seagull killers and are akin to eagles because of their warlike tendencies, their sharp attentiveness, their soaring abilities, and their physical stature.

So like hawks killing seagulls, these warring prophetic watchmen are destroying the network of spiritual thieves that collaborate together to steal your revelation (bread/food), especially during times of acceleration toward destinies.

The parable of the sower in Matthew 13, illustrates that the evil who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, comes and plucks up the Word of God from the hearts of men before they are able to understand it.

God is raising up these warring prophetic types that will make war with these thieves who get their commands from the surface of the underwater demonic kingdom (sea) and look to rule in all three domains (land, air, and sea).

These warring hawk-like prophetic types will gain new ground, new territory, and a new watch-post in this season. They will watch over and guard the acceleration of understanding that will guide the transitions (highway) of those God is raising up in this hour.

They will pray for the eyes of the heart of understanding be enlightened that people will know the hope and calling which is in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:18)

They will take no prisoners!

They will be relentless!

These warring prophetic types are part of this end-time army who will protect the Lord’s investments, His prized possessions and see the protection of these investments until its maturity!

God is releasing the principals.. which is understanding (Proverbs 4:7)

The seasons are shifting! In previous seasons the fowl of the air were prowling to  snatch up the word before it can ever take root in the ground!

Now these warring prophetic types will rise up and take their places among the highways and the byways, and look for any thief and overthrow him from his post.

This is God’s agency to assist in watching over His word waiting to perform it! (Jeremiah 1:12)

God is sending a release from heaven for every spiritual thief to begin to cannibalize amongst their own and to destroy their offspring if they are not disbanded by the Power of the Prophetic!

This season of acceleration towards destinies will be protected by God’s prophetic agency! They will wage a war with the prophetic word and see to it that it will be accomplished until the day of Jesus Christ!

Until next time,


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