Prophetic Prayer for Beginners

“The ultimate function of prophecy is not to tell the future but to make it”

Joel Barker

Prophetic prayer deals primarily with what is not seen naturally and has everything to do with what you see supernaturally.

Part of the struggle in today’s church is getting this generation and the next generation to understand more about the spirit than their natural needs as a person. Our entire existence is spiritual, and we need spiritual contact with our Heavenly Father who is all Spirit.

When dealing with prayer, we must shift our focus from what we naturally are inclined to think and believe, to shifting it to more of what has been revealed to us either in a dream, an impression, a vision, or the Holy Spirit’s voice.

Prophetic prayer is what is needed more in our Christian experience. We as the Body of Christ cannot veer away from spiritual experiences when God is searching for more spiritual contact with His creation.

While the world is being steered in the direction of the New Age movement and esotericism, the church is leaning more towards a more pragmatic liberal philosophy with practical applications on how to live the best life.

The Power of God is in His Spirit, and it is by His Spirit that we see Him move. If we expect God to move it is going to take spiritual connections and communication.

God is not looking for us to believe in Him in the most humanly way possible. He is looking for us to believe in Him in the most spiritually way possible

That means the level of faith must rise to the level of which God is ready to speak to you. Prophetic prayer can’t be dumb down to meet the needs of people who are not willing to believe in spiritual encounters. Conforming to this world is not about sinning like them, but more so conforming to their status quo philosophies.

  • Practical prayers are not going to work.
  • Humanistic repetitious prayers are not going to work.
  • Narcissistic prayers are not going to work.
  • Lack-luster prayers are not going to work.

God is not looking for us to believe in Him in the most humanly way possible. He is looking for us to believe in Him in the most spiritually way possible and more times than not, and that way is not going to make any humanely sense.

The worlds were framed by the word of God so what is seen was created by what is unseen (Hebrews 11:3). It is going to take prophetic prayer to change the world you live in. Spirituality and the prophetic are not always the same but it will take you being spiritual to understand the prophetic.

Prophetic prayer is going bring:

  • Direction
  • Guidance
  • Specificity
  • Supernatural Knowledge

We will change the world not by what we naturally know, but what we supernaturally do through prayer!

A Tip for Beginners!

It is all in the Seeking!

Seeking is Seeing

Part of the prophetic heavily relies on the part of the individual and how much they seek the face of the Lord, the counsel of the Lord, and prophetic insight from the Lord.

The Lord hides his mysteries, His supernatural insight. It is up to mankind to search it out these mysteries. Prophetic prayer for the beginner looks a lot like:

  • Sitting in a place quiet and waiting on the Lord to speak to you.
  • Opening up your bible and meditating on His word for hours.
  • Worshiping for hours until you emptied yourself out to Him in order for Him to pour back into you.
  • Studying credible sources about how God speaks to mankind today.

Seeking and being zealous for the prophetic will open you up to the prophetic. Daniel by way of knowledge of the prophetic words spoken by other prophets gave him the direction to pray for the deliverance of Israel. Searching for relevant prophetic words to pray will open up your ability to encounter and communicate with governing angels that stand watch over those prophetic words waiting for them to perform it (Daniel 9:1-27; Psalm 103:20)

As a novice in prophetic prayer, you have to take prophetic promises, prophetic words, prophetic insights that you find in the Word of God, or prophecies that have already been spoken over your life, your church’s life, or over your family and begin to pray about it until you start seeing it materialize in the world.

The understanding that the worlds were framed from the invisible realm, means that there is a level of extraction and manifestation in order for it to appear in the visible realm. That being the case, prayer and travail has the ability.

Elijah heard the sound of the abundance of rain from the invisible world. It was his prayer that caused it to become reality to the natural world. He prayed seven times before there was the appearance of the cloud that was to bring rain after 3 years (1 Kings 18).

Elijah feat at Mount Carmel, is the definition of prophetic prayer. You hear something that no one else can hear because you extract that information from the supernatural and then you cause it to appear in the natural .

As you start your journey in prophetic prayer, you will begin to see how you are the bridge between what is seen and what is unseen!

Until next time,


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