Training the Prophetic Intercessor

The Evolution of Prophetic Intercessors

Part of the evolution of the Prophetic Intercessor is their understanding of their kingship and priesthood. Jesus made us kings and priests forever (Revelations 1:6). We understand this priesthood is after the order of Melchizedek (Hewbrews 7:17). This superior line of priesthood outweighs the Aaronic and Levitical priesthood that we see in the day of Moses, however we understand basic principles of their functions by reading about it the Old Testament.

The law of first mentions describes that the first time a particular word or theme is mentioned in the Word of God, it becomes a precipice or rather a blueprint of how that particular theme or context is to suppose to be seen for the duration throughout the scriptures.

When it comes to priesthood, there are many functions that the intercessor must understand in order to function appropriately in this field:

-The upkeep of the sanctuary

-The protection of the altar

-The intervention of the sins of the people and the wrath of God.

The Upkeep of the Sanctuary

The priests were responsible for keeping the house of the Lord spotless and and in divine order. In the book of Leviticus, we see a lot of divine order when it comes to maintaining the sanctuary of the Lord. The priests dedicated their lives to keep the sacred order and cleanliness of the Sanctuary. This type of dedication was taxing on their time, as their availability to the service of the Sanctuary was more than time allotted slots or shifts, but it was the dedication of their entire lives. 

The time is coming where there will be intercessors that are raised up in this nation who are solely focused on their service to the Lord through prayer and intercession.

Intercessors who do not have a clear understanding of their life dedication to the divine order and cleanliness of the house of God fall into traps of praying prayers out of their soul and what they believe is supposed to be prayed. These soulish prayers are not necessarily wrong but they are not according to the prescription that God has prescribed. 

When intercessors are being sought out by God, they must come to the mental framework of their lives no longer having the option to have an opinion, especially when it comes to the house of the Lord.

One of the worst things you can have on an intercessory team is a person who believes that the house of the Lord should be maintained based on what they believe is right instead of how the Lord has instructed it. 

Opinionated intercessors will take scriptures out of context and pray good prayers but pray them in the wrong context and at the wrong time and in turn this wars against the divine order that God is establishing.

Uzzah died because he did a good thing the wrong way. He touched the ark of the covenant because it was about to fall and he was not a priest. Even though his heart was in the right place, he understood the consequences of touching the ark of the covenant. His good deed was wrong because the dimensions of God can not be violated and some consequences can not be overturned. 

When you have intercessors who do a good thing the wrong way, it will cause casualties. For example if there is a word that is released where God gives a prescription for fasting and praying to remove all the individuals in a congregation that are hell bent on being rebellious, the opinionated intercessor will pray prayers of love because they believe love conquers all.

Intercessors who have battles between goodness and righteousness have a difficult time understanding the dimensions of God’s sanctuary and how it is to be unheld. Dr. Myles Munroe said it best, just because it is good doesn’t mean it is right.

Dimensions of the Tabernacle

Every dimension of the tabernacle was planned and thought out by God according to His wisdom, and it is not up for discussion nor debate on how the dimensions of His house should be kept. The priestly functions of the intercessor demands the heart of the intercessor to be completely compliant and obedient to the instructions that are given.

Subjection and obedience are the two most important factors in the upbringing and evolution of the prophetic intercessor. The priestly anointing demands that the intercessor knows the dimensions of the Sanctuary. That’s why the best way to train a prophetic intercessor is to have them on the cleaning committee. 

They must be trained in the details of how the house is suppose to look, feel, smell, sound, and experienced. If not, when things are off, the intercessor is ignorant of what is out of order and what needs to be done to fix it.

Prophetic Intercessors must be trained in detail orientation. The untrained eye of a prophetic intercessor will cause many casualties. During my training of intercessors, many times they have dreams and visions. The one thing that is constantly being brought up are the details of the dream because many times the details are left out.

Details matter when it comes to interpreting dreams and visions especially when these dreams are very symbolic. I remember a dream that someone asked me to interpret and they left out the detail of it being night or daytime. Without these details, the entire interpretation of the dream takes on another connotation.

Prophetic intercessors understand symbolism like if it is another language, when the intercessor is versed in the symbolism in the House of God, they begin to become more fluent in the ways God speaks through symbols and dimensions. This is why it is important for prophetic intercessors to clean the house of the Lord, to develop the discipline of being detailed oriented.

Most importantly, if things are not kept in order, what is the overall language that it is speaking to a God who is looking to dwell amongst His people?

Prophetic intercessors who are evolving into priestly duties, are ecstatic to function in the capacity of cleaning the house of the Lord for a few reasons.

1. They see it as worship and ministry unto the Lord.

When you take care of God’s house He will take care of yours. When worship ventures out from the devotional, and meditative elements and more towards the upkeep of God’s house, you begin to experience another level of love, joy, and encounter with the Lord. Samuel was found ministering unto the Lord by keeping the sanctuary in tact. The prophetic intercessor longs to dwell in the presence of the Lord through ministering unto Him. 

2. They get accustomed and develop a love for seeing God’s house in order and preparing the house for worship.

When Prophetic Intercessors clean the house of the Lord they learn how to develop the sense of keeping God’s house in order for the worship of the people. This is the first stage of their development of their priestly understanding of preparing the house.

-They will make sure that the batteries in the microphone are charged for the preacher

-They will make sure that the altar is swept and clean

-Make sure the lights are fixed and no light bulbs have blown out without being replaced.

-Make sure the chairs are in order so the house does not look in disarray.

-Make sure the Pastor’s office is in order so that he is able to think clearly and prepare before releasing the sermon.

– Make sure the musical instruments are clean and the area is safe and ready for use.

-There is enough anointing oil in the oil vessels.

These are just a few things but they begin to be imprinted on the minds of the intercessor because they care about the sound being released, they care about the altar not looking dirty, and it is clean for worship and etc…

3. They Get accustomed to preparing an atmosphere for worship by the people.

Prophetic Intercessors have to understand different aspects of their functionality. Part of their functionality is to be atmospheric. Their ability to set an atmosphere is predicated on how they serve a sanctuary and make it conducive for worship to flow and God to consume the worship. When prophetic intercessors are accustomed to what pleases God and causes Him to dwell in the midst of the people, they will make sure whatever has to be aligned will be aligned for that to happen.

Prophetic Intercessors must know how to entreat God

By training the eyes of the prophetic intercessor to always know when something is in order or out of order, the spirit of the Intercessor will be more apt to detect when something is not aligned to the original design of the Lord Jesus Christ and what He has prescribed.

Prophetic Intercessors understand that things must be in order for there to be a divine exchange between Heaven and Earth. The Sanctuary is constructed for God to dwell and inhabit and the priests understand that God will not inhabit anything that is not in His order.

Prophetic intercessors must know the order in how you entreat God, and the order for how He will inhabit His people. The prophetic intercessor who understands this begins to function in this capacity by praying for order to be within the house.

The priestly functions is to protect the dimensions of the Sanctuary of God. In the Old Testament the  priests understood what each dimension of the sanctuary spoke to prophetically, and the language God uses to show how he views majesty, the language He uses for what He will inhabit, and how he views his spiritual/earthly tabernacle. The dimensions of the tabernacle are a prescription on bringing in the Glory of God because it is after the pattern in Heaven (Hebrews 8:5).

One of the main reasons why prophetic intercessors are best when they have gone through a season of keeping the House clean, is so that they can feel uncomfortable when things are spiritually chaotic in the house.

Prophetic intercessors who do not have a natural love for keeping God’s house clean, will never pray prayers to keep the spiritual house clean. One of the ways to spot out a real intercessor that understand their priestly anointing, is:

-Watch them after a service and see if they clean up their area,

-Do they step over candy wrappers

-Do they leave water bottles on the floor, if something spills are they the first to mop it up,

-Do they let children run all over the altar especially after a high service.

This may seem archaic, but prophetic intercessors are the first to remain in state of reverence when it comes to God and His habitation. 

The lack of reverence has turn God’s face from the church. It is not the lack of prayers that is turning away the power and the Glory of God, it is the lack of reverence. When we do not have intercessors functioning in their priestly roles, the dimensions of God’s requirements are not being prayed through and released.

At some point the revelation must hit the body of Christ that we serve an awesome God who is Holy and He must be revered. He is not going to inhabit disorder nor an order that is not after His instruction. At some point we need to understand we just don’t fix anything for God and then tell Him what He has to accept and indwell because we offered it to Him.

Its time for the priestly robes, garments and anointing to settle on prophetic intercessors. That they may hear the instructions of the order of His establishment and pray it through. Its time to release the dimensions of God.

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