Will The Next Generation Recognize Authentic Prophets?

Power to the Prophetic!

Allegiance is crucial in an era where it seems like everyone is flaky.

Let’s face it, authenticity is a rare commodity in today’s generation, society is moving towards worshiping at an altar of altered realities that seem real but is nothing but fake. So how can we expect secured allegiance if authenticity is losing value?

In the recent decades we have had a lot of blunders when it came to the generation that was carrying the majority of the prophetic movement. We’ve seen scandals with prophets that makes not just the church look fake but also the people we should trust the most with whom carries His words in their mouth. 

Despite the scandals, nothing is more tragic than the prophets that broke rank with their allegiance with the Father and His kingdom.  Allegiance to Christ and His throne seems to have take an undertaking when it comes to authentic prophetics. We see more “contemporary” prophets compromising the message of truth for economic gain because they won’t preach or prophesy against the abominations that have existed in the church in fear that it might mess up their preaching circuit or their $10k honorarium.

We need more churches to screen prophets and to see where their allegiance lay. Is it to Christ and His Kingdom or is it to that check that they will get after preaching everything but Jesus Christ?

What we see today as far as it pertains to the prophetic seems a far stretch to what God has truly intended it to be. 

The church is not a circus show for folks to be entertained. We as the next generation, do not need seasoned prophets being the ringmaster and directing the circus with psychic antics prophesying lies to the church instead of putting an end to the freak show that caused Christians to be drawn to “church drama” instead of Jesus Christ.

Prophets can’t dumb down the truth. They have to prophesy against homosexuality just as much as the adultery and infidelity. They can’t keep quiet because the pastor that is in an adulterous affair is in their pockets!

With all that is going on, we have to consider and be afraid of the fact that the next generation is on the brink of discounting the prophetic because of what it is starting to fall away from and that is authenticity.

The prophetic can not be commercialized.

It is not something that you can make as a commodity that can be shipped around for commercial usage like it’s some Home Shopping Network product . When Prophets battle between being relevant and being authentic, kingdoms collide, and the heavens are violently abused.

The world worships at perceived images and following after relevancy is a smoking vapor. We will believe a false report on the news almost 95% of the time without ever doing due diligence to fact check everything we hear and see. Part of the church’s dilemma is that we have too many church leaders trying to be relevant at the expense of being authentic. Carbon copies of perceived televised success cause many to replicate a system that was man-made and not God-made, and then we wonder why the power of God is not translating into our generation.

Allegiance to God’s throne is primary

When prophets sacrifice their allegiance to truth in search for relevancy with a bigger crowd that will follow them on Twitter, the false comes in and turns authenticity to fraudulence and inaccuracy.

What will the next generation consider as what is truly prophetic?

-Will they consider the apex of the prophetic as some prophet having the ability to tell you your social security number or will it be a prophet prophesying to you how to stay on course with what God designed for you to do according His plan?

What will they make of all the drama that they see within the church that were caused by immature prophets?

Will they question the genuineness of the prophetic due to prophets making it a marketable product like those $1,000 “prophesy lines”?

Will the next generation know that you don’t need a $1,000 offering to proclaim what God is saying?  

Will the next generation of prophets even know that the masses of people don’t have to like you in order for you to be credible?

That you don’t have to prophesy lies to get in the good graces of church leaders that have access to your next big platform?

Will they know that they can’t desecrate God’s altar by prophesying holiness but living a lifestyle of a whoremonger?

Will they know to pledge allegiance to Christ and His throne and not at the altars of idolatry of fame and fortune?

Prophets to Social Change

In an era where protesting is trending upwards and forcing social change, they’ve killed the prophets that pushed for massive change through protesting. They’ve silenced the prophets that made bold stands for social justice and spoke the truth in the face of persecution or even death. If we are to continue in unadulterated truth, will our prophets rise and herald an honest, non-compromising truth?

Can we have prophets stand up and speak at these protests and push for social justice with God’s truth, or will they need an honorarium first?

Being an authentic prophet is signifying your allegiance to Christ and His truth wherever you go regardless if it is going to be relevant to the people that WANT to hear it. Prophetics reach beyond what we hear at a charismatic church, it has to spread to all facets of society and we must get the mind of God for every sphere, if not we will give way to another voice, and right now this generation of Millennials are following after any voice that has some semblance of truth, integrity, and boldness. 

My prayer is that the next generation of prophets will understand that most of their existence will be to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ in areas and arenas where the sovereignty of Jesus Christ is being diminished not to put on a psychic circus performance. 

Power to the Prophetic!



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