Functional Matters of the Intercessor

The Rise of the Prophetic Intercessor “Matter and Function”     Understanding matter and function will help the Prophetic Intercessor in intercession by understanding a few key things: The substance of the prophetic, the power of that substance, and discerning function. The prophetic intercessor has to comprehend the structural components to the prophetic in order … Continue reading Functional Matters of the Intercessor


The Prophetic Intercessor: Order and Space 

So my wife felt it would be a great idea that I post some content from the book that I am currently writing, so because she is so smart, I decided to listen to her and release a tid-bit from my book. Enjoy! "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And … Continue reading The Prophetic Intercessor: Order and Space 


The Leadership Reality I had this really cool idea, instead of having a weight and healthy transformation blog, I am going to have a leadership transformation blog. This is me before my transformation and walk you through every step of the way of my transformation into a respectable leader. Even though my leadership style is … Continue reading THE LEADERSHIP REALITY

“The Prophetic Intercessor and Time”

"The Prophetic Intercessor and Time" The prophetic realm is by far the most intriguing realm to-date especially when it comes to Charismatic/Pentecostalism. It is the realm where most people understand that there is a mystery in this Christian journey that far surpasses our understanding of natural things. The prophetic has two main features forth-telling and … Continue reading “The Prophetic Intercessor and Time”

The Prophetic Intercessor

Joel 2:28 Speaks very boldly of God pouring out his spirit upon all Flesh. This scripture denotes that this is without discrimination, without favoritism, and without qualification. Paul speaks of us desiring to prophesy as something that should be desirable and commended for wanting. We live in an age where the supernatural is breaking into our … Continue reading The Prophetic Intercessor